Your circumstances are special with complex tax issues so you deserve specialist help from expatriate tax experts . . . without the high price tag!

We’re different . . . very different

  • different huh . . . ?
  • Yes, we’re different! We’re one of the very few firms of accountants that specialise solely in expatriate tax returns and advice for Australian expatriates.

    But the differences go further again . . . because like you, we’re also expats ourselves!

    How many other Australian accountants can say that?

  • In fact every member of our team are either expats or former expats who have lived all over the world!

    So we know what it takes . . . from tax issues to lifestyle issues and to the various sacrifices that we expats make in choosing to work as an Australian expatriate.

  • what we do . . .

  • We do Australian tax, for Australian expatriates . . . thats it!

    We’re not distracted by anything else we only do Australian tax for Australian expatriates . . . specialised work but simple in concept!

    Our sole focus is to support Australian expatriates, who traditionally have struggled to receive, focused, specialised tax advice, relevant to their circumstances.

  • At Expat Tax Services, we focus on Australian & international tax issues that of inbound (to Australia), outbound (from Australia) and existing expatriates.

    We’ll prepare your Australian tax returns, provide tax-planning and tax structuring advice so that you minimise your Australian and foreign tax liabilities legally and efficiently.

  • how we do it . . .
  • In short – we use whatever technology makes sense for our clients! We’re not just tax geeks, we’re technology geeks too!

    As a client of ours, you’ll discover that we we live and breathe technology to support you efficiently, no matter where you are!

    We do this by using a combination of phone, email, Skype,, Dropbox/Google Drive, digital signatures, Twitter etc

  • so that you’ve always got the support you need, whenever you need and wherever you are!

    and the best part . . .

    Working remotely means we carry low overheads, passing on these savings to you as our client.

Ahhh . . . memories! It only seems like yesterday, but we’ve delivered specialist tax services to Australian expats around the globe for close to 10 years.

Founded in 2006 by Shane Macfarlane (an Australian Chartered Accountant and expat who has lived and worked in USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam), the company originally operated as Australian Taxation Services (Aust) Pty Ltd but in 2015, we rebranded our firm to become . . . Expat Tax Services!

With offices in Asia, Australia & USA, our clients work easily and remotely with us from wherever they are across Australia and the world.

When . . . did we begin?