2019 tax returns for Australian Expats

It’s tax time 2019 for Australian expats.

Wondering whether you are a resident for Australian tax purposes whilst you’re overseas? Need your Australian tax return prepared?

If so then look no further because here at Expat Tax Services, not only do we know all about Australian tax for Aussie expats, we understand your expatriate tax issues first-hand because like you, we’re Australian accountants who are expats ourselves too!

Why is this important?

Because with $1 billion of extra funding, the ATO are increasing late lodgement penalties and ramping up their audit activities.

So it’s important to get the right advice from advisors that have the specialist knowledge that you need and who understand your circumstances as an Australian expat living and working overseas.

Here at Expat Tax Services, all we do is Australian tax for expats. We’ve been working with expats for over 12 years since 2007 and with clients in every timezone of the world, there’s a good chance that somebody that you already know, happily uses our services!

Wherever you are, whatever you do . . . we’ve got your Australian tax returns covered!

Got some questions or want to book an appointment or call us on +61 1300 762 001 today!

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Shane Macfarlane

CEO & Founder at Expat Tax Services
Shane's an Australian Chartered Accountant and Australian expat tax specialist who's also an expat himself (based in Asia). Shane's passionate about tax and legitimate tax minimisation, tax-planning and structuring, particularly as it relates to Australian expats who are often subject to high rates of tax back home in Australia.
Shane Macfarlane
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