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4 ways Aussie expats can avoid reverse culture shock on return

Congratulations! You’ve finally accomplished your financial, lifestyle, or career goals abroad. As you zip up your suitcase and head home, take a look at ways Aussie expats can avoid reverse culture shock on a return home.

1. Take the initiative with your friends

Don’t expect your relationship with your buddies in Australia to remain the same when you come back home. It doesn’t matter how active you’ve been on social media on your time away, the dynamics of your friendship may have changed. Don’t just sit and expect your friends to call you and organise a meet-up. Instead, take the initiative, plan a get-together and invite them over.

2. Make new connections

If you put in the time, you can forge new friendships in Australia. Join in with some social activities, and you will be on the right track in making buddies that share similar interests as you. Consider dancing, a volunteer group, a book club, alumni events, or a local art studio. If you decide to adopt a pet, you may find new connections with fellow dog owners in Australia.

3. Minimise the ‘when I lived abroad’ stories

You may be tempted to talk about an epic experience you had while living abroad in every conversation. However, you risk sounding boastful if you overdo it. Consider using them sparingly or saving them to share with a fellow former expat.

4. Financial considerations

Life in Australia is more expensive than it was when you left. Put some money aside for your expenditures while you unwind. You don’t want to start stressing about work as soon as you relocate, do you? Don’t forget to notify your host tax authority and the Australian tax return authorities of your plan to move back home permanently.

You probably have some savings, investments, some sort of pension, or complex tax issues that you need to transfer or organise. Expat Tax Services can help you handle all your financial matters as you recreate old friendships and make new connections at home.

We pride ourselves on delivering a rich first-hand experience in providing tax advise and in bringing your Australian tax returns up to date. Call us or book an appointment with us today, and we can assist you in minimising tax issues and maximising your tax opportunities.

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