apps and websites for australian expats

The best apps and websites for Australian expats

Making the move abroad and meeting new people in a country you don’t know can definitely be intimidating for Australians considering the expat life. To better manage your expenses overseas and to maximise your expat experience, here’s a list of the top most useful expat apps and websites.

1. Skype

Highly ranked and rightfully so, Skype is the most popular go-to app for Australian expats when travelling abroad. A great option for video calls and a cheap method of communication to stay in close touch with family members and friends – Skype is an essential tool for keeping your support network close to make the expat lifestyle less daunting. It’s also a good method for contacting your tax agent in regards to any tax-related questions while abroad.


A useful money exchange transfer app, OFX allows you to instantly book international money exchange with your phone, manage beneficiaries, browse exchange rates, and track transfers. You can get updates on exchange rates in real time, making OFXOFX a useful tool for managing your finances overseas and helping keep expenditure records for when you complete your expat tax return.

3. Express VPN

A handy private virtual network is ideal to protect your data when travelling abroad. It encrypts data securely so you don’t have hacking concerns, protecting your identity for online banking, keeping passwords private, and protecting Skype conversations. It can convert an unsecured internet network into a stable protected network. You can apply this app to your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet. When handling sensitive information, such as tax returns overseas, you want to ensure the safety and privacy of your information, making this essential.

Managing your expat tax returns

It’s important to know that Australian expats earning income overseas may be required to pay taxes. Australia has taxation agreements in place with a number of countries to ensure double taxation doesn’t occur. The government also has tax information sharing agreements with most countries around the world, so it pays to stay on top of your taxes whilst abroad.

Make sure you understand current tax laws and requirements when travelling abroad and understand local laws and regulations to avoid any implications while working in another country as an expat. If in doubt, an experienced tax consultant will be able to advise you on this issue.

Travelling abroad to pursue the Australian expat lifestyle can be exciting and a rewarding experience. To successfully manage your Australian tax return and financial situation, make use of these handy apps for your trip overseas and as always feel free to book and appointment with us, or send us a message if you have any questions.

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