deductions for fly in fly out workers

Common deductions for Fly In Fly Out workers

When you’re working as a FIFO worker, it’s good to know what deductions you’re eligible to claim. There’s a wide variety of tax deductions and offsets that you can claim when working remotely to compensate for isolation and climate factors, and high living costs that are often associated with living remotely.

Types of tax offsets you can claim:

1. Offset for Zone Tax – remote workers

When you work or live in an isolated and remote area in Australia for a minimum of six months you may become eligible for an offset for Zone Tax. To become eligible, remote workers need to live in a specified isolated area for more than 183 days in any year.

2. Travel

As a regular traveller to remote regions, you’re able to claim deductions for luggage cost, including purchases of luggage trolleys, overnight bags, suitcases and travel bags.

You’re unable to claim relocation expenses or travel expenses incurred under a FIFO arrangement.

3. Offshore workers

Australians are taxed regardless of where they work within the world. If you fly to a foreign area then your income is still subject to current Australian tax laws. Each situation is unique, and if unsure of any details, the ATO will be able to advise on the matter. Both vaccination deductions and the cost of your Visa are able to be claimed as both are related to your work.

4. Internet and phone

When you have to work on call or contact your employer outside of work, claim back phone expenses when lodging your tax return. You’ll have to split the calls between work and personal use to be able to claim it. If your work requires you to email for your job, you can also make a claim back for internet deductions.

5. Clothing

Require PPE Equipment and Occupational specific safety clothing for your job? Safety uniforms, boots and even sunglasses can be claimed back on your tax deductions.

There’s a variety of offsets that can be claimed to maximise your Australian tax return. If in doubt, contact us at Expat Tax today to receive the latest information, advice and assistance on expat tax returns Australia.

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