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Guide to becoming an expat

So you’re thinking of becoming an expat but aren’t certain what to expect? Here’s a guide with vital information for travellers to better prepare you for your experience.


Arranging your method of transport to your new country is one of the simplest things you will need to do when becoming an expat, whether you’ve decided to travel by plane, bus, train or an alternative mode of transportation. If you have any queries regarding transportation you can generally answer these with a quick phone call or by email correspondence. An important detail regarding travel that you should check up on though is whether the country you’re relocating to requires you to have a return flight before they will give you a visa.


It can often be a bit overwhelming getting used to different cultural surroundings when you first arrive in a new country, especially if you’re feeling jet lagged or tired from your trip. This is why it’s a good idea to have already mapped out where to find a taxi or bus to get you to your final destination before you arrive. Another great tip is to make sure to find an ATM as soon as you arrive so you will have some local currency on you.


Before you relocate to another country we recommend you know the basics of the language spoken locally. You’ll find you will receive more assistance from the local community if they can see you are making an effort to speak their language. For mobile phone service, you can unlock your phone at your destination and purchase a SIM card there. As there is generally internet available internationally in most regions, you can also stay in touch with friends or family via WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype or any other social media platform.

Financial situation

When you move to a new country it’s crucial to research your banking options, to identify which is most suitable for your situation and needs. It’s often a smart alternative to maintain a local bank account and an account in your home country.

This guide will help make the transition to becoming an expat far simpler. If you need financial advice and assistance, such as on completing your expat tax returns Australia, Expat Taxes specialise in this area. Discover more by contacting us today.

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