How to stay connected, manage your tax and finances while overseas

If you are an Aussie expat living overseas you will want to stay connected with Australia as well as connect with other Aussies abroad. You may also have assets or investments in Australia that you will need to manage while you are overseas.

Here are some useful apps and websites to help Aussie expats manage their finances, keep on top of Australian taxation and stay connected.


One of the most popular communication apps in the world today. The app is versatile and can be used on iPhone, Android, Apple Mac and Windows as well as Google Phone. You send texts, videos, audio recordings as well as share files and photos without SMS charges. Some data charges may apply (depending on the country) but that is minimal compared to the cost of a call or a text message.


Skype helps you make free conference calls to other Skype users while you are living overseas. It has a variety of functions including video calls, group video calls, voice calls, instant messaging, screen and file sharing. It can be used on all mobile phones, tablets, Xbox, Wearable and even television. Skype now have a Skype Business for B2B connections so if you still have some business interests in Australia it is a good app to have.


Viber operates like WhatsApp allowing you to call, text and send photos for free. You can use your desktop to call mobile and landline numbers (i.e. other people that are not using Viber app). It is ideal if you have to connect with an aged parent who may not be comfortable using apps.

Expat Insider

A website dedicated to everyday expat life in over 60 countries. It offers insights, tips, and advice on moving, living overseas and working abroad.

You can use it to connect with other expat living overseas, find events abroad or learn about what it would be like living in another city. The full survey is available free to download on the website.


Regulated by ASIC, OFX (formerly OzForex) is a convenient way to transfer money while you are abroad. OFX offers a more competitive rate than traditional financial institutions. Money is transferred from your bank account (BPay, Electronic Bank Transfer) and you can easily track it with your mobile.

Australia Plus: Expat

Australia Plus: Expat is ABC’s news portal. It is available online and on-demand, on television and radio and of course on your mobile devices and social media platforms. You will have the full coverage of local news, politics, sports and entertainment.


Keeping your Australian taxation in order is an important consideration while you are overseas. Depending on your status you may be liable for tax on income earned overseas. It is important that you file your Australian tax return. It is equally important that you stay updated on any changes to the tax law that may affect you and assets you owned in Australia.

One way to stay on top of tax issues is to log into the ATO’s website. Some activities can be performed online but not all. Therefore it is important to get in touch with a professional tax consultant who understands about Australian taxation while you are abroad. Contact us today for further advice.

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