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3 ways to make moving overseas less stressful

The overseas move you’re about to embark on marks a new and exciting phase in your life. Yet making sure everything is in order before the move, then trying to settle in and adjust to a new house, job and language in a completely different country may be very stressful to begin with. Here are a few tips for making the entire moving process easier.

1. Concerns about moving overseas? Talk about them!

Bottling everything up will only make all of your problems seem bigger than they are. The stress you feel from a growing mountain of unresolved issues may stop you from being able to sort everything out that you need to do before moving. Make sure you talk to your loved ones about your worries, whether that be your spouse, family or friends. Being open and honest will encourage them to share their concerns with you, and you can help each other to work through your problems.

2. Prepare for everything well in advance

Leaving everything as late as possible will make all of those annoying but necessary things you need to do seem even more stressful. From sorting out your Australian tax return to arranging travel for your pets, the earlier you can tick everything off your ‘to do’ list, the more relaxed you’ll be when it comes to moving day.

3. Focus on why you’re moving

Having second thoughts? It’s natural; you’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life. Maybe you feel like you can’t face the enormity of leaving the life you have built up in Australia, and starting from scratch in a completely new place. Rather than panicking, just keep in mind why you’re making the move, whether it’s for better job prospects or to be closer to family, and imagine how happy you’ll be once you have settled into your new home.

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