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Preparing for expat life: expat etiquette

Expat etiquette

Moving overseas can be one of life’s most exciting and fulfilling adventures. You are leaving what you are used to and embarking on an adventure into the unknown. What will the culture be like? How about the food . . . what will I eat? What will I see and do there? These questions and more are probably in the forefront of your mind. But there is also another thing that you need to consider: how should I act in this new culture? Here are some tips about expat etiquette that should help to make the move easier.

You are what you eat

One of the greatest things about travelling, and in particular moving to a new country is the food. For some people it is hard to imagine life without meat pies, but each and every country has its own unique array of food. We’d definitely recommend trying the street food! Not only will it provide you with some amazing flavours, eating with locals provides an insight into the culture of the place you now call home.

Ditch the footy jumper (for now)

You might be a proud Australian, but no one wants to fall into that loud, obnoxious Australian stereotype that can exist. Whether you have just moved to New York or Singapore, there will be people with similar interests to you, who just might be slightly different to what you are used to.

If you love AFL, you’ll be pleased to know that local and expat teams and competitions exist in most countries of the world. So if you’re missing your footy, why not try to get along for a game (playing or watching). Or there’s other sports in your new home. Why not try and support a soccer team, baseball team or start following another sport in your new country? Love music? Why not check out the local music scene? Lots of people in the world have similar interests, they just might be slightly different in your new hometown. So with a bit of searching, you will be able to find your niche anywhere.

With a bit of effort it is easy to find what you love in any corner of the world. Living overseas can be a fun and exciting experience, so step out of your front door and explore the place you have just moved to. If you need any assistance with your Australian tax return, just contact us today.

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