The 5 best cities in Asia for foodies

One of the best parts about moving overseas is being able to sample all the wonderful foods of a different culture and country. If trying new delicacies is something you enjoy, read on for a list of five cities in Asia renowned for their dishes.

1. Nagoya, Japan

For a unique dining experience, head to Nagoya and try Hitsumabushi, which consists of sliced grilled eel served on top of steamed rice. However, what makes this a special dish is that you eat it in four portions, each time with slight variations which change the flavour and texture completely.

2. Kathmandu, Nepal

Some great dishes from around the country can be found in this city. One of those you must try is Tibetan momos, which are Nepali-style dumplings that include fillings like chicken and buffalo. They are served with spicy chutneys to enhance the flavour.

3. Taipei, Taiwan

Large portions for low prices are a highlight of Taiwanese delicacies. For the braver adventurers, consider trying some stinky tofu – which is tofu fermented in brine with meat and vegetables. Don’t worry, it tastes completely different to how it smells!

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

With the classic Vietnamese dish, pho, becoming more and more popular across the world, you don’t want to miss out on trying it where it originated. For a true foodie, there’s nothing better than getting to taste your favourite dishes, cooked authentically.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of the best dishes to try in this foodie heaven is Khao Soy. Enjoy the wonderful texture of both crispy and soft egg noodles in this local speciality. The dish is served in an irresistible curry broth and you can choose between chicken, beef, shrimp, or fish. Commonly, it is sold with a fresh lime wedge, shallots, pickled cabbage, and roasted chilli for you to enjoy alongside.

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