Three great places to live in Europe as an expat

If you’re planning on becoming an expat and making the move to another country, it can be difficult knowing which one is the right destination for you. Europe is a vibrant continent which has plenty of culture and financial opportunities, but with so many locations to choose from, you might be struggling to make a decision. Here at Expat Taxes, we want you to be confident in whatever you choose, so here are three great places to live in Europe as an expat, one of which you might just fall in love with.


Home to the most expats in Europe, Germany is a country filled with culture and life. With one of the best economies, it is also extremely open to welcoming new immigrants into its way of life in comparison to the rigidity of other EU states. All you need to do is apply for an employment visa, which will allow you to carry out any form of work legally. There are also specialist artist visas available for those looking to make a living in the arts industry.


This country might be small, but it was ranked the second wealthiest in the world for several years at one point in time. It still retains one of the highest GDP per capita today and has a foreign population of 40%. That means that nearly half of all its residents are expats! It has great opportunities for new businesses and innovation, with one of the most generous average European salaries.


This beautiful country offers stability, lots of jobs and financial security to any expat who plans to move there. Its lifestyle is often very laid back and values the balance between labour and relaxation, which means you will be stress-free when living here. The only downside is that you must be financially stable to move to Switzerland, as their cost of living is much higher than many other countries.

When you live abroad, you might need some support with your Australian expat tax returns. As expats ourselves, we understand the struggles that moving abroad can bring, so contact us today at Expat Taxes and speak to one of our advisors.

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