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Why Aussie expats should use a VPN service

Australian expats are often surprised to find that websites, TV and other readily accessible features are blocked when they arrive overseas. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you to overcome this challenge and this has many other benefits too. In this article we explore why Australian expats should use VPN services when overseas.

What is VPN service?

A VPN service uses a private network that is shared over the internet. In effect it allows you to pretend that your computer is in a location that it isn’t. With a private network set up in Australia and accessed from anywhere in the world, the initial communication passes through an Australian IP address and this allows you to access Australian features. With a VPN you can also create a secure encrypted network that will act as a safe store for all of your personal details and information.

How can a VPN benefit Aussie expats?

  • A VPN will allow you to increase your protection from hackers. While your computer can be accessed, your network will be completely encrypted making it far more secure against hackers. With VPN your passwords and other sensitive information will be far more secure.
  • A VPN can also help you to protect your identity by securing all communications. Your emails, Skype convos, banking, Australian tax return and everything else will be protected through the encryption.
  • A VPN will remain secure even when you are on a public Wi-Fi network. As everything you do will be encrypted this makes it safe to carry out banking and other processes on public networks.
  • A VPN will enable you to access Australian specific content, which can even include banking applications. By retaining access to these systems you can maintain better control of the finances.
  • A VPN prevents websites from varying the price you are shown based on browsing history or location. Sites like Expedia may charge you more based on location unless you use a VPN to access it.

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