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Being an expat overseas can enrich your family’s life

If you’re thinking about becoming an expat overseas, you’ve probably spent hours considering the financial and logistical aspects of such an enormous decision, as well as all of the people you’ll be leaving behind. You may find the idea of swapping somewhere you know and love for an entirely new life extremely daunting. Of course, it’s a big risk.

Yet have you given as much thought to all of the ways it could enrich your family’s life? Here are a few things you should definitely not overlook when working out whether it’s all going to be worth it.

1. Becoming an expat overseas will develop your children’s confidence

Your children may find the idea of moving to a completely different country terrifying. As well as saying goodbye to loved ones, they’ll have to adjust to a new house, school, people and maybe even an unfamiliar language.

However, taking your child out of their comfort zone would give them enormous confidence that they could carry through life. It will show them that they’re able to adapt to any new situation and overcome their fears while giving them invaluable social and language skills.

2. It will make life more exciting

There are so many corners of the world to explore other than the one you grew up in, and being used to the same areas, workplace, environment and even people can make life seem boring without any new challenges and experiences to face.

Yet adjusting to different customs and an alternative way of living, with food you’ve never experienced before and new places to visit, can inject excitement into your life, making it an enriching, rewarding adventure for you and your family.

3. You can change your lifestyle and start afresh

The beauty of moving overseas is that you can start again and embrace a completely different lifestyle to the one you’re used to, free of the shackles that have always tied you down. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live by the sea with more free time, or maybe the countryside would offer your children a better way of life. Perhaps it’s the more exciting career prospects a city would offer that are persuading you and your spouse to relocate.

Finally, wherever you’re planning to go, whatever you do, don’t let the thought of complex expatriate tax problems put you off making your move. As specialist expatriate tax accountants, we can help you with your finances and your Australian taxes no matter where you choose to be so get in touch with us today.

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  1. We are so grateful for all of Shane’s advice while preparing for our move abroad, tax and the move are complicated, navigating the legalities around income & all the little well known tricks made our decision & the subsequent move so much easier. Thanks Shane

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