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Expats – the importance of communities

We all live in them and many times take them for granted; these are our local communities.

Whether it be your street, your immediate neighbours, your work team or colleagues, your social club, fitness club, or online communities, the list of possible communities that we are part of is long.

They are our support systems, built by the people we depend on and turn to for advice, a listening ear or a sounding board.

But what happens if you are an expat and you have moved away from your community; how important is it to become part of a new community as soon as possible?

Most importantly, as an Australian expat living and working in a country where you may or may not speak the same language, operate by the same cultural rules, or have anything in common with your neighbours, how do you find a community to become involved in?

We explore these below.

To start with, what is a community?

A community is defined as a common thread that brings people together. Most commonly, it is one in which you have similar interests in certain areas, or perhaps work in the same field.

The importance of community

Communities allow us to interact in a space that is familiar and that we are comfortable in. Communities provide support and essential resources, providing a platform for knowledge or skills sharing. For example, if you need expatriate tax services, seeking out an expatriate community could prove invaluable, as there may be someone who is also in that community who has the skills you need, or can provide a recommendation to you.

Where do I find expatriate communities?

Official government, professional service providers or travel websites may be able to point you in the direction of some helpful communities. Communities can be either online or physically meet in the country in which you have chosen to live. Another option to find expatriate communities is to simply do a Google search; this will turn up a variety of options available.

If you are into sport like I am, it’s highly recommended that you seek out a local sporting club as this is a great way to make new friends and keep fit at the same time!

The wrap up?

Being part of a community of like-minded people will make your transition to your new country far easier and more enjoyable. Do your research and find a community to join today.

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