How to ease your expat stress once you’ve moved

Becoming an expat can be an extremely exciting time in your life, but it can also cause a lot of doubt, stress and nerves. It’s normal to feel homesick and worry if you have made the right decision, but it’s also important to know how to relieve these thoughts and see the bigger picture. This guide will help you cope with the stress of being an expat and share some ways to feel less anxious and more at home in your new country.

1. Choose the right company of people

Once you arrive in your new home, it’s important to get out there and try and meet some new people that can help make your days brighter and reduce the chances of any expat stress.

However, you want to choose your company wisely and make sure you surround yourself with encouraging people who will help fill you with positivity about your decision to move.

If you’re struggling to meet people, you could try joining a social club, volunteering, or searching for expat groups on social media to find people living near you who have been through the same thing. If you’ve located for your job, you could also ask your co-workers out for a drink.

2. Be patient with yourself

Leaving your old life behind and moving to a new country is not to be taken lightly, so don’t be so hard on yourself – it’s normal to have your ups and downs when you first move.

By giving it time and allowing yourself to adjust, you will eventually begin to relax. Try taking a daily walk, joining a gym or exploring your local area and you’ll soon notice yourself begin to enjoy your new home.

3. Get financial help

One of the biggest forms of expat stress is worrying about your finances as this can be confusing and overwhelming for someone to figure out on their own.

The best thing you can do when thinking about your new tax obligations is to speak to a professional accountant such as Expat Tax Services. They can help you with the complex tax issues faced by all expats and give you some advice on how to make your financial transition as easy as can be.

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If you have just become an Australian Expat and need some guidance regarding your next steps, get in contact with our team of accounts who will understand your worries and help you solve them. Simply book an appointment and speak to an Australian expat tax specialist today!



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