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How to solve 3 common expat anxieties before you move

If you have made the decision to move overseas and become an Australian expat, you are no doubt feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. Starting a new life abroad can be thrilling, but often the anxiety of leaving your familiar life behind can overshadow your excitement, particularly if you are moving your family abroad with you. Below we offer tips you can complete before your big move, to help ease the anxiety of leaving Australia.

1. Meeting new friends and likeminded people

One worry expats often have when moving abroad is that they won’t make any new friends or find people they get along with in their new area. Before you move, join local groups on social media and start engaging with people with similar interests as you. For example, you could consider joining an allotment, film society, craft club or similar, to help you meet likeminded people.

2. Helping your children to settle

Another anxiety many expat parents feel about moving abroad is that their children won’t settle. Research local schools and children’s clubs before you arrive in a new area, many clubs have waiting lists so the sooner you sign your children up, e.g. to dance or music lessons, the sooner they can begin engaging in their new environment. You can also email local schools and ask if they can arrange a Skype session between your children and existing pupils so your children can make new friends and ask any questions they want to about their new school.

3. Organise your finances

Many expats worry that their move abroad could end up costing them more than they planned due to tax obligations to both Australia and the new country they are moving too. To avoid anxiety about finances, contact expert chartered accountants, such as Expat Tax Services, and ask for Australian tax return advice. Even if you have always handled your finances yourself, navigating expat tax obligations can be confusing and time-consuming so it is much more beneficial to contact an expert.

Contact Expat Tax Services today

For more guidance about becoming an Australian expat, contact Expat Tax Services today. We are a team of accountants who are expats ourselves, so we understand the issues (and the anxieties) that come with moving abroad.

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